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9 May 2006


What to Expect During Your Massage


If this is your first massage, it is understandable if you may be apprehensive. Your massage therapist will gladly explain to you what you should expect during the session and answer any questions that may be of concern to you. Your therapist will also go over your current health status, review your medical history, and discuss your reasons for getting a massage. 


Your massage session should be a relaxing and comfortable experience. If you are receiving a massage for health or performance reasons, there may be times when the massage is uncomfortable as your therapist addresses tight or sore muscles. At no point should you be taken beyond your comfort level and it is your job to communicate with your therapist if this occurs. Also, please inform your therapist of any personal boundary issues that may come up or have been crossed.


Preparing For Your Massage


Your therapist will ask you to undress in private, lie down on the table, and drape yourself with the provided sheet or towel. Ideally, the only clothing to be left on should be underwear, loose fitting shorts, and/or a sports bra.    Your therapist will respect your privacy and modesty at all times and only undrape the area that is being massaged. However, if you are still uncomfortable, let the therapist know and they can work with you while you are fully clothed.


During The Massage Session


Each session may be different depending on your needs and the type of massage requested. For a Therapeutic Massage, the therapist will work on your body in a gentle and soothing way, then request you to turn over to complete the massage. A Performance Massage may include being turned several times, passively stretched, asked to stand up to assess changes or asked to actively participate in the treatment process. With whatever type of massage you choose, the most important thing you can do is to relax!  


It is important for you to be comfortable with the massage and your therapist at all times. Feel free to ask questions or to request your therapist to alter their technique. Your massage session should last approximately 50 minutes. This amount of time allows the therapist to speak with you before and after the massage as well as prepare the room for the next client. 

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