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9 Nov 2006

 The primary goal of sports massage is to help the athlete achieve optimal performance, maintain their performance, and to aid in the healing of injuries.  

            Performance Enhancement:

·         Reduction of tension in hypertonic muscles

o       Muscles that are too tight do not always function properly, can be painful when used, and may be injured when suddenly stretched during competition

·         Increase in tension and tone in inhibited muscles

o       Can increase the strength in muscle that has neurologically shut down

·         Correction of muscle firing patterns

o       Muscles are used more efficiently

o       React quicker

·         Reduction of swelling in tissues

o       After a heavy workout, muscles may have inflammation (DOMS) that causes stiffness, soreness, and feelings of heaviness in the legs.

·         Correction of postural distortions that can effect joint ROM and biomechanics

·         Increase in flexibility

·         Stress reduction

o       Athletes often need to mentally unwind from the stress of competition

·         Release of trigger points

o       Areas of neurological activity that when stimulated refer a pattern of pain distal to the actual site of the dysfunction 


·         Reduction of edema

·         Reduction of scar tissue

·         Increase in pliability of scar tissue

·         Pain reduction

·         Correction of muscular compensation patterns

·         Increase of circulation to injured areas

·         Maintenance of flexibility and ROM

·         Reduction in pain and discomfort

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