Muscle Activation Techniques™


Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT) as devloped by Greg Roskopf, is a systematic approach to biomechanically evaluate and improve muscular contactions, imbalances and dysfunction.  It consists of different techniques used at different times depending on your body's needs.  These techniques include:  MAT Jumstart, MAT Specialist/Master Level and MAT Rx.

Your are only as strong as your weakest link.  Our job is to find that weak link and get it back to working properly.  The weak links are inhibited muscles which do not contract properly at some point in the motion.  This can cause compensations to occur which contribute to injury, decreased ROM, decreased performance, and pain. MAT asks what can you not do, and then tries to determine if the muscles that coordinate that action are working properly.

Don't chase the Pain!  Say you were not able to lift your arm without pain, then what is preventing you from doing so (barring serious injury, nerve compression, etc)?   Instead of “chasing the pain”, MAT looks for patterns of inhibition that can be identified and addressed.    If a muscle is found to be inhibited, it can lead to other muscles “pitching in” and working harder to achieve the action of lifting your arm (i.e. Compensation). This extra stress on the muscles can result in strain on the tissue, a misalignment of the joint due to muscular instability, a possible inflammatory response, and localized pain in the working muscles. So, though it hurts in one spot, the cause could be something else.

How to strengthen the weak link:  Correction of inhibited muscles can include isometric activation exercises designed to stimulate specific muscles or manual palpations that “activate” the muscles at their attachment sites. Take home exercises are then recommended to ensure an active role by the patient. At Mela Therapeutics, we utilize this unique approach to treatment and offer full evaluations with our therapist. 
MAT Rx:   This technique of MAT is a total body process.   For the best results, it requires a series of sessions to address the whole body beginning in the “core” of the body and working outwards to cervical and feet.  MAT Rx is very specific in its protocol and strives to increase the stress tolerance of the entire body piece by piece.  It is comparative to a full system overhaul on a computer vs individual program and affiliated program reinstallation that is traditional MAT.
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Your M.A.T. program is incredible! I am 47 years old and today in the 4th jiu jitsu class of the day, my training partner said I was moving with the hip flexibility and dexterity just like Jusin who is 18 years old. Thank you so very much for the way your M.A.T. program is improving my performance.
     -Charlie McGuire ~ Fireman and BJJ Athlete 
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